Marxist Interventions

Socialist Alternative has archived three important websites that provide a considerable amount of useful material by writers on the Australian socialist left.

Marxist Interventions - articles from Australia in the social sciences

This is an archive of a site containing Marxist writings by Australians working primarily in the International Socialist tradition. One of the aims is to give you access to material that is scattered around various journals and contained in unpublished theses and manuscripts. There are also bibliographies and similar resources. It has a strong bias towards history, but includes other social sciences. 

The site was established and maintained by Tom O'Lincoln.

Marxist Interventions - Journal

This is an archive of the Marxist Interventions online journal, which was established by Tom O'Lincoln and Rick Kuhn. It published theory and empirical research informed by Marxism, and builds on the work done by the Marxist Interventions website. MI produced 3 issues between 2009-2011.

Marxism Page

This is an archive of the Marxism Page, which was established and maintained by Rick Kuhn while he worked at ANU.